We Sponsored A French Feminist Theatre Show!

Posted on 05 February 2016

Neon Moon French Theatre Company Feminist

That's right! We had the pleasure of hearing from the amazing French feminist theatre company 411 Pierres, who reached out to us last year about their awesome new theatre show called King Kong Théorie showing in Les Dechargeurs Theatre in Paris. They read all about Neon Moon in the French press and felt an affiliation that lead to our sponsorship today! The play is all about a beauty salon that rethinks the realms of femininity and masculinity. It's written by one of our CEO's favourite controversial French feminist writers and film makers, Virginie Despentes, and adapted by Emmanuelle Jacquemard. It was fate!

Here's a bit about the play, in French:

"Un salon de beauté, cinq jeunes femmes qui font bouger les lignes, qui repensent les notions de la féminité et de la masculinité. Nous parlons ici de celles qui baiseraient avec n'importe qui voulant bien d'elles, de celles qui sont trop mal foutues pour pouvoir se saper comme des chaudasses mais qui en crèvent d'envie ; pour les hommes qui n'ont pas envie d'être protecteurs, ceux qui ne savent pas se battre, ceux qui chialent volontiers, ceux qui ont peur tout seul le soir."

Neon Moon Feminist Theatre Play

They also had this lovely blurb to say about us:

"La marque de lingerie britannique Neon Moon a accepté d’être partenaire de King Kong Théorie et habille chaque soir les comédiennes du spectacle!

Fondée par Hayat Rachi, Neon Moon est une marque de lingerie féministe pour toutes les femmes, tous les corps, toutes les personnalités. Elle propose une vision non-sexualisée du corps féminin, et des sous-vêtements avant tout confortables.

En savoir plus et découvrir la collection: www.neonmoon.co"

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie Sponsored French Play

We are avid Francophiles here at Neon Moon, hence the quirky names of our lingerie like bof, non, coucou and tactac from our Mon Dieu collection! We don't speak a word of French, but we are fluent in feminism and knew we could make it work. We are so proud to sponsor such a great array of actors, and especially women of colour who are often a rarity within the acting world. Feminism is universal, and we're so proud to have our mark on the acting world. You can shop our full collection here.

What do you think of our act of feminism and the ladies rocking their Neon Moon feminist lingerie? Let us know below!

P.S. You can buy all of the Neon Moon lingerie showcased above here:

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