"So, How Good Is Your Tea?"

Posted on 19 January 2016

As most of you know Neon Moon has its very first office! The greatest way to start 2016... which was shot down within minutes of arriving. Let me take you on a journey as we delve into the realms of sexism.

Neon Moon tea sexism

It was a seriously exciting morning for myself and the amazing Neon Moon team, as we had literally created Neon Moon from nothing into something, and now have our very own premises. We travelled on the underground with our plants, storage spaces and amazing feminist lingerie, all perfectly packaged and wrapped. We reminisced about 2015 and our high goals and aspirations for Neon Moon in 2016!

We arrived at our new offices in central London and still loved it ever since our first viewing. High ceilings, amazing community, tremendous atmosphere, all to literally be shot down within 5 minutes. We chose our office space amongst others who were also moving in at the same time, and were introduced to another business who have already worked in our building for some time. As the CEO and Founder of Neon Moon, I love to network and so I introduced myself, and said hello. So just as you're expecting, I was waiting to hear a hello back and possibly a welcoming message. BUT OH NO HUNNY. OH NO. All I got was a "So, how good is your tea?". My team and I were so shocked and livid at the exact same time that they didn't know how to respond because we spent a month organising ourselves for our move in date, and also we had literally just arrived!! Understandably my team didn't comment, but to hell with it, I jumped on the end of his sentence and snapped back with "How's yours?" - and ofcourse no reply. His team were laughing at my response in jest, but I saw and still to this day see no humour in it. How dare some man who I've never met before, dismiss all of my and my amazing teams credibility and work effort on the basis that we're women that should essentially just be around in an office to make tea. We never received an apology, or any acknowledgement that he was ever wrong to say that. So I realised something.

Women have it tough regardless of how much effort you give, whatever role you're in, whatever age you are, and wherever you are. Women of colour have it the worst of all, and it's disgusting when sexists can't see beyond the physical. I have never been so insulted, and especially infront of my team. We have actually used this guys gross comment in motivation to kick-arse, and annoy him with our feminist awesomeness! This is exactly what we're fighting, and no wonder there aren't many women business owners, because we are constantly judged, mocked, bitched about, and ultimately undermined. Well we say NO. MORE.

Neon Moon will never stop being here for women and LGBT+ who have been undermined by sexists in society, and made to feel lesser of a person because of it. That guy probably thought he could shake us up or make us feel uncomfortable, or even decide to leave. Hell no. We're staying put. And we're even more motivated by seeing that guys face every day in order to push equality to all. We are strong, and we will never give up. All of us together as a community will defy the odds, and create change not only in the lingerie world but social change across the entire world! Because We Deserve Better!

Have you ever had to deal with sexists at work, home, or your personal life? Have you ever been judged purely on the way you look on first glace? Let us know below!

Neon Moon Feminist Blogger - Hayat RachiHayat Rachi is the CEO & Founder of Neon Moon. She is Moroccan and loves chatting about cat videos over coffee. She is an avid feminist and body positive activist.


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  • Charlotte Rush: June 03, 2016

    Oh goodness, what a douchecanoe! So sorry you had this encounter on your very first day :( It’s so sad that women still have to face everyday sexism in 2016 but it’s great that businesses like yours are fighting back :)

  • Wendi : February 27, 2016

    Thanks for writing this. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve run into sexism. It’s so matter-of-fact still to this day, though we all know about and have been taught about it’s downfalls on all of us mentally. What’s sad is that I have received comments from men and women. It took a long time before I ever felt slightly comfortable showing my figure with how much men can stare making you feel uncomfortable and insecure about your looks. But when you get older and realize that those stares turn into sexual harassment, it just becomes a nightmare. Even in cases like this, our society needs to do more to help those who do come forward as it takes a lot to break out of that shell and admit you’ve been vulnerable. Many people still push it off as a “she/he must have done something to provoke it” instead of actually taking the time to stop and look into it.

  • Tamar: January 27, 2016

    Very recently I had another business come in and share the kitchen I work in. Nievley I thought ooo good I’ll continue doing coffee and cake they’ll offer my customers food and we can share the cleaning at the end. OH NO I spent 3 hours cleaning up after these three boys so they could go home early. When I raised it with them they said they didn’t know where to put stuff?! As if thats a valid excuse for leaving someone else to do everything for you. I honestly could not find a reply to that statement. I can only assume they don’t have to do any of the cleaning at home, why else would you expect someone to clean up after you?
    It took a long battle with me eventually refusing to clean their side of the kitchen and they had the audacity to shout at me over it and say I was being unfair asking them to clean up when I hadn’t cleaned the day befor (my section was spotless FYI). In the end thankfully the other users of the kitchen backed me up as they had seen how hard I’d been working to keep things running smoothly and the 3 boys quit, because that’s how you succeed in life…
    Good Luck Hayat we need more people like you in this world if we are to ever realise the dream of equality. Keep up the awesome work

  • Karen : January 27, 2016

    I’m so sorry to hear that your bubble was burst like that. Please re-blow it with all your drive and enthusiasm because you are at the cutting edge and doing a wonderful thing! And next time you see him, maybe ask him to be quiet and make you a sandwich (I’m quoting an ex-colleague of mine to answer your question about whether as a woman I’ve ever experienced that kind of thing…)

  • Delaney G.: January 19, 2016

    Oh yes honey! Sexism is very much alive in America. Ranging from the subtleties of shitty maternity and paternity leave, to blatant remarks within the workplace about the clothes women wear. The patriarchy is very much alive. It sucks! A friend told me a while ago that at her job (working on a hospital, doing a sanitation job), one of her supervisors told her she had an attitude and of course, she was ‘making’ him feel insecure by asking questions and using her knowledge to her advantage, aka being assertive. That is one SMALL example. Unfortunately, stuff like this happens all the time from supervisors to others, between CEO’s, in minimum wage jobs, in corporate america, in the uni and among male (and sometimes females participating in misogyny) in the workplace. It’s terrifying as a woman to know that it’s something to “expect” and that much of patriarchal opinion dictates future careers (for example, in the short term the subtle and blatant bullying in the workplace or other life trade-offs such as “will this pregnancy trash my career?”) It’s quite aggravating….I am so glad to be an inter-sectionalist feminist so that I can fight against this shit because it’s pretty fucked. and we are SWIMMING in it. Neon Moon is step in the right direction :) Cause ye, we do deserve better :)

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