I Wasn't Interested In Lingerie, Until Neon Moon

Posted on 12 January 2016

Neon Moon Emerald Green Lingerie

I was one of those girls who never took much of an interest in lingerie. I wasn't a jock, or a sporty type, but I always had my nose in a book. I had some friends in high school who wore pretty lingerie. They were wild girls, and would go out and shoplift panties and bras. They gave me several nice things, and that was the end of my cotton Days of the Week underwear. This marked the very beginning of seeing myself as a sexual woman instead of a child.

When I found out my partner was a crossdresser, I was full of questions about lingerie. I discovered it could form a very significant part of a person's psyche and self image. It could be transformative in someone's gender identity. The experience of going into a shop and trying on a corset with support and without harassment is life changing for a formerly closeted transvestite.

While all these things are positive, the fashion industry's promotion of anorexia, eating disorders, and plastic surgery is anathema to my values. It is especially worrisome as I am now the mother of a daughter. To make matters worse, the companies employ sweatshops in which women are degraded and abused and do not receive fair compensation. Women and people of all gender identities deserve better. For these reasons I am very excited about the advent of NEON MOON!

Were you always into lingerie, or did Neon Moon get you into it? Let us know below!

Neon Moon Feminist Blogger - Erin SchultzErin Schultz is a writer, editor, and single mom in who loves her town Austin, TX. She writes about feminism, music, and science issues.


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