Stop Calling People Ugly

“You’re Ugly” they said. Maybe it’s because your face isn’t the perfect oval shape. Maybe it’s because your belly is more of a pillow than a washboard. Maybe your skin doesn't resemble fine china. But that girl? Oh, “She’s Beautiful” they said. Maybe it’s because her hair hangs down her back. Maybe it’s because her bust measures to  perfect 32”. Or maybe… just maybe… none of this matters. Blocking out external thoughts is easier said than done, especially those thoughts are in relation to our own appearance. Yet, like overthrowing the patriarchy, it is far from impossible. 

Opinions are just that: opinions. Just because someone is courageous enough to say their thoughts aloud does not mean their words are facts. Beauty has no definitive meaning; what may be aesthetically pleasing to you, might seem beastly to another. However, no matter what that person may say/think, they are not you. They don't know the ins and outs of your complex mind. They don't know all of the twists and turns of your inner thought. Beauty is air: it is shapeless. 

Female beauty for generations has been defined by a slim waist, curvy build, fair complexion, and a bright smile. Women are taught they should eat and speak less, yet cook and smile more. Well, they were right about one thing: You should smile more. You should smile because despite the fact that you were born into a class system designed to tear you down,  you are here. You are reading this post on a feminist blog designed by a company that’s soul purpose is to empower women. You are here, you are breathing, you are growing, you are woman. This world is lucky enough to have someone as willful and determined as you. 

Spreading awareness about self love is very important within the feminist community. The idea of accepting oneself brings to mind a phrase that we’ve all heard: beauty comes from within. The glow of confidence will make you shine brighter than any highlighter, and us as women need to be reminded of this. If you're looking for an environment where you can not only promote females of every kind, then you're already in the right place. Neon Moon creates gorgeous lingerie while campaigning in a way that does not objectify their models or clients. Neon Moon is made by women, for women. Neon Moon is a feminist brand in a meninist* market. Welcome to feminism. Welcome to acceptance. Welcome to Neon Moon. 

*meninist: (noun) an individual who enjoys objectifying women, opposing women’s rights movements, and referring to women using derogatory terminology, yet justify it with comic relief. 

What do you think about today's beauty standards? Let us know in the comments section below! 

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