Don't Exploit Women In One Country To Empower Them In Another.

Posted on 23 December 2015

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It's drag o'clock at Neon Moon, and I'm ready to lay the truth out for all of you. Being Moroccan I have spoken about the personal impact knowing the truth about how manufacturing has had on me and my family. But now I am here to say what most lingerie brands would pay people to never mention - their use of sweatshops. And Neon Moon is here to say don't fucking exploit women in one country to empower them in another.

Here's a super quick way you probably will never forget our point. Pick out 5 bras and 5 knickers from your underwear draw and check their labels. And pop a comment below this blog with what countries they are made in. We're going to take a wild guess and say the main country your lingerie is made in, begins with C and ends in hina. 

But what really goes beyond all feminist, moral and ethical values that we hold very strong in Neon Moon is the fact that many brands out there are exploiting the welfare and well-being of other women in order to encourage them in English speaking countries. Like wtf, seriously? We are a proud body positive brand, and it's awesome to see others following in our footsteps, but if all they're doing is using non-English speaking women to work longer and harder to fulfill the demand to empower English-speaking women, then what is the point. Why is it so mutually exclusive to empower women across the world, from manufacturing floor to end-wearer? 

Neon Moon Made In Britain

One of our many lovely ladies sewing Coucou Knickers!

Neon Moon chooses people over profits. We're a start-up brand that kicked arse on Kickstarter earlier this year, has a truly humble background, and has had a heck of a whirlwind year. We empower all women across our supply chain and will continue to do so, especially with our team expansion and new office (omg!). If we can afford to manufacture here in the United Kingdom, then damn, these big ass brands can too, but they just choose not to. Ask yourself why, and whilst you're at it, drop them an email and ask them too. We're committed to manufacturing where we can empower the women in those factories, and that's what we're about. We're all about empowering everyone whether they're seen or not. Women's welfare matter.

If you choose to support Neon Moon, you are supporting women everywhere, and not just here. I don't know whether it's the fact I'm an Arab CEO and instill a different outlook, but Neon Moon is truly different, and proud of it. Neon Moon is proudly the world's first feminist lingerie brand.

Do you agree with anything I've said here? Do you disagree with the use of sweatshops? Let us know below!

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