Q&A With Our CEO And Founder, Hayat!

We ask Hayat Rachi, our CEO and Founder, a range of questions on why she created Neon Moon's new campaign #IAmNeonMoon! Have a read what she said to say here!

Neon Moon Hayat Rachi Founder CEO
How are you?
I'm great thanks! Very excited for Neon Moon and our future, so I wake up feeling great every day.

What is your response to your latest campaign, #IAmNeonMoon?
Overwhelming joy! It's so amazing to see so many women and transgender women from all over the world get behind the movement and see trans-inclusivity in a feminist way. So many women have got in touch to spread their overriding emotion to how much they love our campaign, and it has been appreciated with open arms.

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie

Why did you choose to create a campaign that fights transphobia and body shaming?
Recently our beautiful new model Kitty was attacked online by bullies and we took a stand. We also noticed the lack of transgender models within the lingerie industry, especially when it comes to women who don't look cis but are still beautiful in their own way and right. It's important for brands to look after their models, and also represent their communities better. Both of which Neon Moon does with pride!

What did you think of Annie cutting her hair off during the photoshoot?
I thought what an amazing act of body positivity and defiance against societal pressures. It was amazing to see how happy and positive she was about herself before and after the hair cut. It was an incredible moment that I'll never forget!

Neon Moon Hayat Rachi Prince's Trust

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