Q&A With #NeonMoonModel Jilly!

Posted on 09 November 2015

With the whirlwind of our well received campaign, we sat down with our new model Jilly to ask her some of your questions on feminism, body positivity and being a transgender lingerie model for Neon Moon! Have a read of her thoughts and let us know what you think in the comments section! Enjoy!

Neon Moon Feminist Underwear #IAmNeonMoon

Jilly wearing Non! bra

Name: Jilly or Selina
Age: 49
Occupation: Business owner

​Are you a feminist? 
Yes I'm a feminist. I find it unthinkable that anyone would not be.

What are your thoughts on body positivity?
Part of what I do is teach people how to be confident. When I do I tell people that comfortability is the mother of confidence and that perfection is not. Confidence is empowering, it is safeguarding, it is sexy, it is vital. Body positivity is about the confidence to be you, the confidence to decide for yourself what to do with and to your body. To choose to conform, to choose not to conform but all from a place of contentment and personal power. 

Have you ever modeled lingerie before Neon Moon? 
I've been in love with lingerie for years as it means a lot to me but no I've never modelled before. Why not. I'm a 49 year old male, not in the best of shape. Whilst agreeing with everything I wrote above, it's not something I thought possible. 

IAmNeonMoon Transgender woman model Neon Moon

Jilly wearing Non! bra

How did you become a lingerie model for Neon Moon?
I was following Neon Moon on Twitter as I have an account @jillysfrillies talking about lingerie. Hayat and I were talking and I said something like "if you ever want a transgender model. ..." And she took me up on it.

What are your thoughts on transgender women's representation in the lingerie industry?
I think there's a lack of representation generally though I see positive signs of change. I've no illusions that seeing me model lingerie will have women rushing to order but for all the trans people that see the campaign, perhaps it goes some way to easing their pain. How can you be what you cannot see.

Neon Moon IAmNeonMoon Transgender model British Lingerie

Jilly wearing Non! bra and Coucou! knicker

Neon Moon's CEO Hayat has made it clear that transgender women should not be obligated to look like cis women in order to be considered beautiful by society. She feels society should not apply any more pressure to women and especially transgender women. What are your thoughts?
This is a difficult one for me. Of course I think that easing the pressure on women and on trans women would be a welcome thing. But I've been thinking a lot about this. When I see my pictures I'm a harsh critic and because of dysphoric feelings often wish to see other than what is there. I have only felt beautiful once in my life and I'd like to do so a few more times before I leave. This is a long journey of becoming and trans women, like cis women,  are socialised to aspire towards certain expectations. This can be a never ending journey or it can be one that we empower ourselves to be in control of. I think it's important to own your body decisions. Do I want to be a beautiful woman? Yes. Will I become one ever? Well this is both an internal and an external journey. I do, however, think the journey is made easier by healthy representation. 

Neon Moon LGBTQIA Jilly Feminist Underwear

Jilly wearing Non! bra and Coucou! knicker

What do you think about Neon Moon?
Neon Moon are fierce, proud and driven to honestly portray equality and diversity. I look forward to seeing what they do next. 

​What advice would you give to other transgender women who are trying to love themselves​​?
I've spent 49 years coming to terms with being trans. I work with a trans rights and support organisation,  Transagenda and I do think that all manner of things will be easier for trans people in the future than they were for me, including loving yourself. I have no advice  but I'd like to say that you have my utmost empathy, regard and sisterhood. 

​What projects are you currently working on apart from Neon Moon?
So one thing that many people do not know is that being trans in and of itself is not protected under The Equality Act of 2010. Transitioning yes but being trans no. I think this should change. Transagenda aims, amongst other things to change this.

What do you think of our Q&A with Jilly? Tell us in the comments section below!



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  • Cis M: November 14, 2015

    Haha, I just realized my moniker “Cis M” sounds like “cis male”. I am a cis woman with a name starting on M, I’m just not good with abbreviations. :)

  • Cis M: November 14, 2015

    Hi Jilly. I think your thoughts about representation and confidence are spot on and I love your pictures here. (Especially since I have the bof! bra and have thought about the non!, but was discouraged because the first model’s boobs was so different from mine. But you rock them with your larger bosom and now I have ordered a pair of the non!s too. Thank you!)

  • Margot: November 10, 2015

    What a beautiful person, inside and out!
    Take care!

  • ELoisa GArcia : November 10, 2015

    Jilly, you are a beautiful person. You have such a beautiful smile. Please know we are our own worse critics. Confidence is key! You are rocking the lingerie girl!!! Xoxo

  • Darcie: November 09, 2015

    Jilly! What a beauty you are. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and opinions with all of the people supporting NeonMoon. I want you to know that I fully give back the empathy, regard and sisterhood that you so freely give out. I hope you don’t mind the pronouns of she or her or being referred to as a woman, and hope I am not overstepping my bounds with your comfort, but we need many many more women like you. You step out of your usual, and look damn good doing it. You give others the confidence that you radiate, almost like a tour guide along their internal and external journey as well. We many not all understand where we’re going, but we’ll get there together. I am proud to support a company such as Neon Moon, and it’s and even bigger gift that they include women that are well – women. We’re a wonderful group of people, and to be apart of one that raises women’s esteem is a grateful feeling. Thank you. Much support to you and your journey.

  • Jeni: November 09, 2015

    Thank you for sharing your story Jilly! I am continuously striving to be more comfortable in my body and in who I am as a person. It’s so wonderful to see a woman embrace who she is and I am here in the US supporting you and wishing you love and happiness! Thank you again. Much love. -Jeni

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