We Refuse To Let Our Models Be Body Shamed

Posted on 25 October 2015

It seems like a moment of de ja vu of when we fought back against Project Harpoon, and this was equally just as bad. So far when our #NeonMoonModels have been attacked online, it has usually been directly to us at Neon Moon or without anyone's knowledge. But last nights attack was aimed directly at our new model Kitty via her twitter page, with us tagged in. And this is how it all began... 

Neon Moon Model Body Shamed Feminist Lingerie

Kitty posted this lovely tweet and when we retweeted it, it blew up! Over 400 retweets and 800 favourites to date from people who affiliate with our message and photos, that there is no wrong way to be a woman. And after our earlier Q&A with Kitty, we know that she had been bullied, and being a Neon Moon model was huge and exciting deal not only for her, but us too! So I loved that she was feeling herself and proud enough of our photoshoot to upload photos and the sweetest message. Here are the full photos:

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie Kitty Underhill

Beautiful right?! Not to some. And those some really made their point known. As usual, we were told that Neon Moon is promoting an 'unhealthy' lifestyle because our model has cellulite and stretch marks. As usual, our model was mocked. As usual, these body shamers would rather see an unhappy girl not embrace and love herself, as opposed to our model really being body positive and not caring what the world thinks! What astounded me, is that people think that by looking at someone they can decipher their health, what their exercise regime is, and belittle a happy person. Some of the online body shamers deleted their comments, and spoke in Arabic, so as an Arab CEO this was very easy for me to comment back. Have a read of the remaining vile comments, and my very unapologetic responses:

Neon Moon twitter bullies

Neon Moon Body Shaming Feminist Lingerie

Neon Moon Model Body Shamed Feminist Lingerie

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie Body Shamed Twitter

So after fighting back to the point where they were just deleting their body shaming and bullying tweets, Neon Moon's INCREDIBLE supporters joined in on the fight! It was incredible to see people support Neon Moon and our model. And not only that, people affiliate with our model and our 100% No Photoshopping value to the point where they wanted everyone on twitter to know:

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie Twitter Body Positivity

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie Slays Body Shamers

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie Support Body Positive

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie Cellulite

 Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie Body Positive

Neon Moon Body Positive Feminist Lingerie

Neon Moon Body Positivity Feminist Lingerie

Feminist Lingerie Neon Moon Body Positivity

Feminist Lingerie Neon Moon Body Positive

Feminist Lingerie Neon Moon Body Positive No Photoshop

This is just a snippet of the support for Neon Moon and our model, as we received hundreds of supporting messages from all over the world. The wave of support has been amazing and we truly appreciate your kind words! The love has completely outweighed the vile body shaming we received. I also want to acknowledge the body shamers, as it's them who give us at Neon Moon the motivation to keep going and change the lingerie industry for the better. There has always been one very narrow standard of 'beauty' as a lingerie model in the fashion industry, and lingerie brands themselves have been body shaming in order to never break out of that mould. However, body shamers make us more aware than ever that seeing cellulite, stretch marks and body hair is a feminist statement in standing up against the society that loves to dictate how women should look! And just as Kitty tweeted: #ThereIsNoWrongWayToBeAWoman. Neon Moon will never stop bringing diversity to the table, and we appreciate our supporters for our journey in reaching all generations with body positivity. We will never photoshop our models. We will never body shame women. We will never sit back if our model gets attacked online. We are a proud feminist lingerie brand, and we are here for social, political and economic equality!

After the amazing support for us against last nights influx of body shaming, we gave Kitty a call to find out her reaction! And she had this to say:

"At first the reaction to my twitter post was amazing, and then completely out of the blue I get body shamers flooding in. My first reaction was: wow. I always preempted that being involved with Neon Moon would result in me being body shamed, because it is so revolutionary to see a woman who is curvy, has cellulite and stretch marks, be proud of it without being retouched! To get that kind of negative reaction from body shamers all over the world meant we were doing something completely different and amazing for all women.

At first their tweets upset me, but then I realised they have nothing better to do than to try and bring me down online. I am winning in my beautiful body and they can grow up! What I've realised is these people aren't going to go away, and their negative reaction means Neon Moon is changing perceptions across the world and showing what women look like without the need for photoshop. We're making an important move and our great reaction from Neon Moon's supporters says alot! This is what happens when a revolution starts.

The whole reason I became a model is so that women who look like me don't feel so bad and terrible about themselves. Seeing women from all corners of the world say they really affiliate with me in Neon Moon lingerie because our bodies look the same, really brought a tear to my eye (see tweets above). It's important for the media and lingerie industry to reflect body types like mine so women can feel represented and therefore less body shamed for not looking like society's definition of 'beautiful'.

And the message I have for all women out there is that there are always going to be body shamers. What's important is that you're an amazing beautiful entity and so what if people don't like it! Please believe me, there is no reason to feel down about yourself because if you're confident and love yourself, no-one can get to you. Fuck them body shamers!" - Kitty

Neon Moon Body Positive

Online bullies will never make our feminist lingerie models feel bad about loving themselves, and they shouldn't towards you. Attacks on our models might just be towards one person, but as we saw from all of the incredible messages of support and women from all over the world, who appreciate our photoshoot as they have the exact same bodies as Kitty, their harmful words impact all women and not just one. We will always reflect our communities through our models, as all women are "real women". We are here to help change the lingerie industry and society for the better, and we fight for those who are not yet confident enough to say that they love themselves because society places so much pressure on one definition of 'perfection'. Well fuck perfection. And fuck body shamers. You deserve better and we will always gives you better! You are beautiful no matter what society and body shamers think, and they will never defeat Neon Moon. Neon Moon has your back. Neon Moon wil fight for you. And most of all, Neon Moon loves you, just as you are!

What do you think? Do you agree with body shamers reaction towards our feminist lingerie model? Have your say below!



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  • Lisa H: October 27, 2015

    If someone has a problem with cellulite, it’s because their only experience with women comes from the porn they watch. A real relationship with a real woman is beyond their comprehension.

  • Angela Godwin: October 25, 2015

    The hell with those who say we should be ashamed of ourselves. They are jealous it’s not (them or their girlfriend) modeling for such a great company. Yeah I have stretch marks… I’ve also earned them throughout the years that have passed and each one represents a part of me and my life story. So to all the models I applaud you and your confidence to be leaders in a followers world.

  • Patricia: October 25, 2015

    I screamed when I saw my tweet, but other than that -

    I was really happy when I saw someone like Kitty to be modelling because we have the same body type and seeing someone who has the same as mine really really really makes me happy – it builds my confidence up! Kitty is no doubt beautiful, and the ones who bodyshamed, wow. My mood went down a little bit. About the cellulites. lol. they’re normal! They’re normal just like stretch marks, birth marks, moles, etc. etc.!!

    But seriously though, I love neonmoon. You guys are amazing for your products and also for what you fight for. YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY PERFECT. LOVE YOU. < 3

  • Linda: October 25, 2015

    WOW. Such bullying online and this demonstrates how something as innocent and innocuous as Neon Moon can propel some dysfunctional individuals to leave abusive and ignorant posts like this. Kitty is a beautiful natural looking woman. Obviously these sick posters have no idea or rather have lost touch and bought into the photo-shopped images of women. THANK YOU Neon Moon [and Kitty] for not cow-towing to these awful posts and remember how much love and support there is for you all from all of us out here.

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