Q&A with #NeonMoonModel Kitty!

You asked for it, so here it is! We sat down with our new model, the beautiful Kitty, to ask her a few of your questions. Enjoy and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

Neon Moon Kitty

Name: Kitty Underhill
Age: 22
Agency: Capreae Models

Is your name real?
I mean, technically yes, but my real name is Katherine. My parents always wanted me to be a Kitty, but thought I might grow out of it, so they called me Katherine so that if I do get bored of it I could potentially be a Kate, Katy, Kath, KitI think Kitty suits me best!

Are you a feminist?
Hell yes! I'm a proud intersectional feminist.

Kitty in the Tactac! bra

What are your thoughts on body positivity?
In a world where women grow up being fed such poison about how they and their bodies are not good enough, I think body positivity is one of the most important and powerful movements for women we have today. In this day and age its revolutionary to love your body, as so much marketing and the images and adverts we see relies on making sure you remain insecure so you buy their ridiculous products. This is why I love this movement - body positivity means were sticking a big two fingers up at these ridiculous beauty standards dictated to us and were learning to accept our beautiful bodies the way they are. Its such an important message to spread and I think Neon Moon is doing a perfect job at doing this. 

Neon Moon Kitty

Kitty in Coucou! knicker

Have you ever modelled lingerie before Neon Moon?
I had once briefly beforehand, however as I wasnt feeling super confident at the time, my body wasnt really on show - this is the first time Ive done a shoot like this! Id always avoided doing lingerie shoots in the past because Ive always been incredibly insecure about my body, due to being bullied about it during my teens, especially about my weight and chest. I saw this shoot with Neon Moon as an opportunity to try and change that, as the company ethos is all about embracing every kind of body, and I thought nows a better time than ever to try and learn to love myself. I was initially quite nervous about doing this shoot, as I also knew that none of it was going to be retouched, and I wasnt sure whether I would be confident in front of the camera. Luckily it turned out the opposite way and Ive never felt more confident in my own skin in my life! It helps that Neon Moons lingerie makes you feel like a million dollars anyway, but I felt like an unstoppable empowered woman that day, and I havent been able to shake off the feeling since!

How did you become a model for Neon Moon?
The lovely Hayat was looking for models and within 30 seconds of her posting about it I had commented being like MEEEEEE!!. Ever since Ive heard of Neon Moon Ive wanted to model for the brand so as soon as I saw the opportunity had arisen, I had to take it! Im currently trying to make my mark as an ‘inbetweenie’ plus size model in the fashion world, so Im trying to seize opportunities where I can. Its a limbo-like space to be in as Im not skinny enough to be a more mainstream model but not quite curvy enough and dont quite have the cup size to be a fully fledged plus size model. But I hope that by being an in-between model, other girls out there who feel like they dont quite fit in will feel represented, as I feel our body shape somewhat slips through the cracks when it comes to fashion and media. When I was growing up I always felt so awful about not looking like the women on TV and in magazines; my mission as a model is to help prevent any girl from feeling the way I did. Representation is so important and I love how Neon Moon always aims to be inclusive of all women and all types of bodies in their brand. I hope me, my booty and my beestings will help show women that no matter what their body is like, they are beautiful too and can accomplish anything!

Kitty wearing Bof! bra

What do you think about Neon Moon?
I think Neon Moon is revolutionary; its fabulous underwear made by women, for women, marketed to women in a way weve never seen before - were finally seeing non-objectified, non-sexualised women in their underwear in underwear ads! Not only that, but its spreading such a fabulous message about how important it is to love yourself and your body; after all, no body is a bad body, and as the wonderful Denise Bidot said, there is no wrong way to be a woman. I love the body positive and feminist message the brand puts out via its social media pages and the way these ideals influence the way the brand is run. You can even see it in the measurements section - I love that everything is measured in terms of lovely, gorgeousor beautiful; its a great way to tackle the body shaming elements that can come into play when measuring yourself. Neon Moon is  the beginning of an incredible, inclusive, body positive movement in lingerie and I cant wait to see where Neon Moon goes next.

As a plus size model in the fashion industry, what advice would you give to others who are trying to love themselves?
Acknowledge that you are your own worst enemy. Theres always going to be that horrible voice in your head that says that youre not good enough, youre not pretty enough, youre not smart enoughwell guess what? That little voice is a total dick, and is totally wrong. Believe in yourself and the kick-ass person you are and youll feel completely unstoppable. Try changing the way you think about yourself, and challenge those intrusive thoughts - I found that really helped me love myself more. Be your own hypeman.

Kitty wearing Non! bra

What projects are you currently working on apart from Neon Moon? 
When Im not modelling, Im also an actress and TV presenter. Im currently a panelist on the feminist talk show The Rosies, which you can catch on Latest TV (virgin channel 158 or freeview channel 8 if youre based in the south of England). I still find it totally surreal that Im on TV every week, Im not used to seeing my face out there! But hopefully this is one of many more exciting things to come. You can follow me at @kittyunderhillx on Twitter, or @kittyinpinkk on Instagram to keep updated!

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We believe that the most important opinion of your body is your own. If the mainstream doesn’t think you’re fabulous, fuck em’.

Hayat - CEO & Founder, Neon Moon