5 Ways to Talk to Your Daughters about Loving Their Bodies

Posted on 15 May 2017

From early on in life, our opinions of our bodies are formed by those around us and by the images we see in the media representing one type of beauty ideal. Talking to your daughters about empowerment and loving their bodies is important to how she will feel about herself in years to come.

If you're a parent looking to teach your daughter how to love her body, here a 5 ways you can approach the conversation and start your daughter’s journey of self-love.

  1. Start early

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Children can be cruel. Use positive language when speaking to your daughter regarding her body from an early age if she experiences any negative comments. Let her know she is beautiful no matter what her classmates might tell her. 

  1. Look for signs your daughter may be unhappy

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As a parent, it is so important to be aware of any behaviour or body language that might suggest your daughter is unhappy with her appearance. Use this to bring up the conversation with her, so she knows she can talk to you about anything.

  1. Answer your daughters questions and don't shy away

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Any parent will tell you they're dreading the day they have to have certain conversations with their children. Try not to shy away in worries that it may be inappropriate for her age. Translate your points in to a language that is age appropriate and that she will understand.

  1. Discuss your view of body positivity with her

As a child, the environment we are exposed to essentially has an effect on us throughout our adulthood and beyond. Being aware of the language you are using to describe your own thoughts and feelings about your body will instantly have an effect on your daughter. If safe to do so for yourself, talk to her about your views of your body so she has a figure to look up to. This may also get her to talk about her self-esteem and how she's feeling. 

  1. Use the Media to bring up the conversation

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Advertisements are constantly thrown at us, in most cases portraying one type of beauty ideal. Use these opportunities to tell your daughter that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and skin tones. This is especially important with our children growing up with social media platforms at their fingertips, as they can be exposed to potentially self-esteem damaging content.

Have any advice for mother’s looking to nurture their child’s self-esteem? Let us know in the comments below!



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