5 Underwear Tips For Taking Care Of Your Vagina

Often we just pull on our knickers without a second thought about what they might be doing to our vagina. It’s time to take control of our health, vagina owners, read these 5 tips and apply them to your everyday life. Believe us, your vagina will thank you.

1. Don’t wear something too tight

Neon Moon knickers.

Tight underwear can cause irritation and be very uncomfortable. It can cause vaginal chafing and infection, which is no joyride, as anyone who has ever experienced it will tell you. Instead, wear looser, stretchier and softer underwear for all-round great comfort.

2. Check the fabric

Neon Moon Model in a High Waisted Knicker and Tactac bra

Some synthetic materials and silk aren’t breathable, and your vagina needs to breathe! By cutting off air flow, it increases the risk of moisture being trapped and we all know that warm, moist areas are a breeding ground for bacterial infections. Hi thrush! Neon Moon underwear is made from a combination of modal (beech tree) and cotton, allowing you to breathe naturally, because no one has time for vaginal infections.

3. Sleep in the nude

Neon Moon Model in a White Non Bra.
If you wear knickers that aren't sustainable, it is recommend that you sleep without underwear, to allow for airflow and breathability. Rock your birthday suit ladies under the sheets, and look after your vagina while you sleep easy. If you don't like sleeping in the nude, wear Neon Moon knickers, which are breathable due to their modal body and 100% cotton gusset. 


4. Change your knickers after the gym

Neon Moon Multipack of High Waisted Thongs

We’re so proud of you for having a kick-ass workout and we bet you’re feeling great from all the endorphins! Just remember to change your knickers as soon as possible, as all the extra sweat from your hard work will be all the more enticing for yeast to grow. Swap your knickers for a fresh pair, we have Neon Moon in handy multi-packs for just this reason!


5. Wear a thicker thong

Neon Moon underwear range, in white.

Lots of scientists recommend avoiding G-strings to avoid infection. The shape of a g-string and how it sits on your body will encourage the movement of ecoli from the colon to the vagina, which is not ideal for your health. This sounds very disheartening, especially because thongs look so cute! Never fear,  Neon Moon thongs have a thicker back, to avoid exactly this and be to more comfortable in general. Pick your thongs and underwear wisely.

We exist to empower women, and your health and comfort is our priority. Let us know if you found these tips helpful.