Unseen Photos From Neon Moon's First Photoshoot

Posted on 09 September 2015

As you can imagine I have a lot of unseen photos from Neon Moon's first photoshoot archives! So I thought I would share them with you all. I hope you enjoy them, and get a true sense of Neon Moon even from the never before seen photos!

Neon Moon Feminist Underwear

Neon Moon Feminist Lingerie
Neon Moon bamboo bra bamboo knicker
Neon Moon lingerie soft-cup bra
Neon Moon British Lingerie
Neon Moon Plus Size Model
Neon Moon Women Of Colour Model
Neon Moon British Lingerie

What do you think of the never before seen photos? Do you have a favourite? Answer in the comments section!


P.S. You can buy all of the Neon Moon lingerie showcased above here:

Neon Moon Shop All

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  • Neon Moon: September 14, 2015

    Hey Sarah!

    So glad you love the unseen photos. The Neon Moon models are Paulina and Adobuere. They are feminists and fabulous people inside and out!

    Thank you again for your lovely words, and when you do place your order you’ll love Neon Moon’s lingerie in the flesh!

    Hayat, CEO and Founder

  • Sarah Farr: September 13, 2015

    It’s so nice to finally see a lingerie company that openly supports all body types and ethnicities! I know what my next paycheck is going to be spent on! By the way, who are the two lovely models featured in this photoshoot?

  • Linda: September 09, 2015

    My fave are the last bottom two – here the women are not ‘posing’ and look as if they are totally comfortable in their own skins. Beautiful shapes, proud to be women, making a stand against how our bodies should be defined by others. Can’t wait to receive my Neon Moon order!!

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