I'm thin and I'm always outrun by fat women.

Posted on 24 July 2015

So as the CEO of Neon Moon, a feminist lingerie brand, you can imagine I've read my fair share of bullshit including people telling me that Neon Moon is 'promoting obesity' for highlighting the average size woman without photoshopping away their cellulite, stretch marks or any other normal attributes to their body. As a petite person who has benefit from thin privilege, I am here to dispel this myth about 'fat women', and pretty damn easily with an analogy most of us can relate to: running for charity.

Neon Moon feminist lingerie fat thin runners

Recently I ran 5k through mud for Cancer Research with my best friend. I have asthma and I've never let this hold me back from sports. I made it very clear that my motivation to run and raise money for the charity outweighed my risk of having an asthma attack, so I worked on my cardio as much as possible. When my bestie and I turned up to the race, we were one of the few thin women there and as it was an all women's race it was great to see so many people of varying shapes and sizes. My fitness is not up to par, and neither is my best friends, and yes we are still fairly thin individuals. We didn't really notice we were different until people on the side lines, and even the stewards, started making remarks like "you're meant to be running!", "you guys are young, why are you walking?" and "well you look fairly fit, run!".

Neon Moon charity run fundraiser

By the 2K mark we were walking and twerking our way along the race haha. We were being so easily outrun by so called 'fat women' that it never really made me think about it until now. They were killing the running game. They were smashing the stereotype so easily that no-one there thought "oh that is weird". Far from it. People were into it, and boosting all the running women up regardless of their shape or size.

This simple story showcases the fact that assuming thin = fit and fat = unfit is just plain stupid. All you need to do is stand on the side line of a Race For Life event or any other sport event across the world and realise that you cannot suss out the health of a person from the way they look. So you body-shaming bastards out there continue to come at me and Neon Moon with your 'you're promoting obesity' BS, because all of us at Neon Moon are woke to your ignorance.

Do you agree or disagree? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

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  • Michelle: May 21, 2016

    I couldn’t agree with you more, Hayat. I am a thin person. Many women have confessed their jealousy. But what I desperately want people to know is that there is much misconception about thinness equaling healthiness. Your vessel deserves respect, as it carries you through life. Treat it well, love it and stop comparing. If you’ve ever been over weight and then under weight, you might be able to understand that being comfortable in your body means being comfortable in your mind.

  • patricia colli: July 25, 2015

    Hayat, I love your message and what you stand for. I myself am a petite woman and have participated in a marathon and a few 5Ks. Through those experiences I have been BLOWN AWAY by bodies that are not the stereotypically “fit” body. I’ve seen people twice my size (and twice my age!) pass me with EASE. These people could run laps around me if they wanted to! We really need to dispel the myth that thin=fit/healthy and I’m so happy to see you doing that with your work :) Beautifully written.

  • Cass: July 25, 2015

    your models Are Real Humans as they Really Exist!!!! Not women who’ve been forced to diet until they’ve wasted away & then are so photoshopped on top of that that they barely look human. What you’re doing is Amazing! Keep it up! #bodypositivity

  • Linda & Roger: July 24, 2015

    These people that accuse you of ‘promoting obesity’ are part of the problem, and nothing to do with the models who wear Neon Moon’s lingerie. The thing that struck me when I first saw the Neon Moon pictures was how refreshingly ‘natural’ and ‘normal’ the women looked. These are real women. Women like me and you, with curves and ripples, healthy vibrant looking women. Body shape and size has come to dominate the narrative of women’s lives more than in any other time in history. There are few images of everyday women to counter the impossibly slender models. So I say to you: Carry on, Hayat! Rest assured that whenever you receive abusive messages, they reveal far more about the poster’s unhealthy psychological self-image. Their comments have nothing to do with the liberating and original lingerie that you are creating. I can’t wait!

  • Tahyun Weed: July 24, 2015

    I follow you on Twitter, Hayat…& just wanted to say this fat woman loves your article! Even though I couldn’t possibly run or even walk a 5k. Your attitude & spirit I admire greatly!

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