10 Body Positive Messages to Say to Yourself Every Day

Posted on 18 May 2016

At Neon Moon we bloody LOVE a bo-po message. We are all about the body positive movement and try to embrace it with every decision we make, and in every day we live. No, you don’t have to stand in front of a mirror and repeat these mantras (but feel free, that is a pretty fantastic idea). But these are certainly ten things you should keep in mind in every day life in order to motivate your journey towards self love, acceptance and positivity. Go forth Neon Moon family and let your confidence shine through!

woman looking in the mirror

1. Mirrors are just glass, and I am more than that.

2. Today, I choose to love myself.

3. If I wouldn’t say it about my best friend, I will not say it to myself.

4. I am valued, I am worthwhile and I am

5. My self worth is not determined by my productivity.

6. There is more to life than the number on the scale.

7. I may be having a bad day but I am not having a bad life.

8. My problems are valid and important, and I refuse to apologize for that.

9. I believe in myself.

10. I love myself for who I am.

flowers on body

    Make it a habit to include these phrases into your daily routine. If you need any more advice on how to feel more positive, please check out Neon Moon’s Five Ways to Instantly Feel Better.

    Any more mantras you think we should have included? Please comment them below. We need to empower each other.

    Love, Neon Moon x



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