10 Ways To Have A Merry Feminist Christmas

With Christmas right around the corner, we’ve put together a short list of suggestions for how to have a Feminist Christmas! It doesn’t make you a better feminist if you do these, or a worse feminist if you don’t, we just wanted to provide you with options and ideas, fun and serious. 

1. Listen to all your favourite holiday songs and suddenly realise their dodgy meaning

Frozen Leaves

‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is the prime example of this, what was once a catchy Christmas tune is now a cause for concern. The lyrics raise the issue of consent and demonstrate how many times a man has got to be told no, and even then he get's his way! Use these dodgy songs as a way to start conversations, and challenge what is considered the norm! Next time someone tells you “but baby, it’s cold out outside,” tell them to get lost!

2. Encourage expression of gender and sexuality

Nutcracker on a tree.

Michael Bublé, I’m looking at you ‘buddy.’ Mr Bublé chose to change the words from ‘Santa Baby,’ to ‘Santa Buddy,’ to bring a masculine feel to the song (and to make sure no one thought he was in love with Santa.) We should be encouraging the exploration of sexuality and gender, so encourage your dad to sing the original words and pronouns when you are out carolling. If you are looking for a glorious cover of Santa Baby by a male artist, we suggest you listen to Olly Alexander's (Years & Years) whom almost brings Mary Berry to tears.

3. Find your gifts from an ethical source

Wrapped Gift.

Take time and be conscientious, if you can, to find gifts from an ethical source that doesn’t exploit workers. We at Neon Moon firmly believe that it is wrong to exploit women in one place, to empower them in another, so all our products are handmade here in Great Britain from sustainable fabrics. This attitude should apply to all aspects of life, so take the time to find a gift that empowers both the receiver and the maker of the present.

4. Donate to charities in your loved one's name as a gift

Santa decoration.

If you can’t find an ethical gift, perhaps you could donate to a cause in your families names. The list of causes are endless, for example; Women's Refuges, Planned Parenthood, the Red Cross and Girls Inc. Your gift could change a stranger's life for the better and it doesn’t get any more Christmassy than that.  

5. Support your female friends decisions this Christmas (and forever more)

Woman wearing a Christmas jumper holding a coffee cup

Create a no judgement zone within your friendships. Tell your friend she looks great in her sexy Santa outfit and help her out with decorations. Christmas is a time to relax and unwind, so don’t judge how each other choses to do so.

6. Spread the Christmas responsibilities

Ginger bread treats.

Traditionally it is left to the women in the household to prepare, cook and serve Christmas dinner. Break these gender roles by asking (or demanding) for help from the rest of your family, so you can all have time to relax and enjoy yourselves. It might even be fun working together!

7. Choose to consume feminist work

White Kitten wearing a Santa Hat.

Watch feminist films, read feminist books and sing feminist songs to get you in the festive mood. Miracle on 34th Street comes highly recommended, passing the Bechdel test and being a highly sweet and encouraging film. If you are stuck, just remember that anything with cats is going to be loved by all. 

8. Engage and learn from members of your community who aren’t celebrating Christmas

Couple holding hands in the snow.

Not everyone celebrates Christmas, and that’s ok! Make sure they are included in your good wishes, and be sensitive to their plans and beliefs. Use it as time to learn more about other religions and cultures, and educate yourself for a wider understanding.

9. Leave a note out for Mrs Claus as well

Note with white fairy lights.

Behind every strong Mr Claus, is a strong Mrs Claus who definitely doesn’t get enough recognition. Encourage the believers in your family to leave a note for Mrs Claus as well, with Santa's glass of milk and mince pies, because we don’t believe in erasing women from history!

10. Do what you want to do

A Wine glass in front of a Christmas Tree.

Nothing shouts feminist more than doing whatever the hell it is you want to do! Feminism is all about having the right to choose and supporting each other's choices, so do what makes you happy this Christmas. You deserve it. 

Merry Christmas from Neon Moon x