1 Step To Getting Summer Body Ready

1 Step To Getting Summer Body Ready

1. Get those summer clothes out.

Now you’re ready, you just need to believe it!

Here are a few methods on how in case you’re in any doubt:


Fake it until you make it


Genuinely loving yourself is tough for everyone now and then, sometimes it always it. It’s always going to be a learning curve, as you grow your insecurities change, that’s just life. But it is possible to get through it. One of the most popular and, arguably, successful techniques is to simply fake it until one day you realise that you’re not pretending anymore. Positive reaffirmation that you’re beautiful and amazing goes a long way, just tell yourself how great you are and eventually you’ll realise that you are! Now remember that everyone slips up at times, that’s no reason to give up. Practice makes perfect and you’re so, so close to perfect.


Focus on what you love about yourself!

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There’s always something, it doesn’t even need to be physical. Your mind is stunning, your creativity or your imagination. How you light up when you see a dog in the street, the way your eyes sparkle in the sun. These little things are really what makes you! The people who love you will see these little things more than they’ll see anything else about you so if you ever need any help noticing them just ask loved ones. You are full of beauty, you just need to look to see it!


Pretend those negative thoughts are Donald Trump


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This is one of our favourites. Is there anything easier than telling Donald Trump to fuck off? Maybe even an ex or someone else in your life that’s been putting you down too much. Basically, if you can be strong in the face of the US president you can do it when it’s those niggly little thoughts in your own head. They’re just a little smarmy villain, they may have power but you’re the star of your life and have the power to shut them (and Trump) up!


Spread positivity! When you make others feel beautiful, it makes you feel beautiful too.

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Have you ever been on a night out and had a girl in the toilets telling you how beautiful you are or how much she loves your outfit? Doesn’t it just light up your whole face and make your night even better? You could be that person for everyone in your life. Sharing positivity and encouraging self-esteem in others is an amazing way to make the world a happier, more confident place. Reminding people how stunning they are will remind yourself of your amazingness too! Fill the world with beauty and love.

 Have a wonderful day, you deserve it!

 Neon Moon loves you

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We believe that the most important opinion of your body is your own. If the mainstream doesn’t think you’re fabulous, fuck em’.

Hayat - CEO & Founder, Neon Moon